SFUSD Assignment Letters Arriving Week of March 18, 2019

What are the next steps in the assignment process?

SFUSD school assignment letters will be arriving the week of March 18, 2019 to families who applied by the January 11, 2019 deadline. 

If you are happy with the school assignment you receive, then register for your assigned school, and you are done. Congratulations!

You must register in person at your assigned school between March 18-22 or April 1-5. SFUSD schools will be closed for spring break from March 23 through March 30.

If you would like to try for another assignment, we recommend that you still register for your assigned school, and then participate in one or more of the following additional placement periods. Registering at your assigned school will not impact your likelihood of receiving a different placement in subsequent SFUSD placement periods.

Please note that SFUSD is no longer referring to placement periods as “rounds.”

Here are some upcoming key dates to remember:

  • Week of March 18. School assignment letters received. If you have not received a letter by March 22, you may request a copy in person at the Educational Placement Center. You must bring a photo ID and additional proof of address to make this request.

  • April 5. Deadline to register at your assigned school.

  • April 5. Deadline to turn in paperwork to participate in the May placement period (Round 2). This paperwork should be available online by the end of this week.

  • Week of May 20. May placement period school assignment letters are mailed. If you are assigned to a new school, you will be immediately dropped from your previously assigned school. You still must register in person at your assigned school.

  • May 31. Deadline to register at your May placement period school placement.

  • May 31. Deadline to turn in paperwork to participate in the wait pool, or to change or remove your wait pool request for the June wait pool run. If you do not receive your requested school in June you will stay in the wait pool for that school unless you remove or change your request by August 14, 2019.

  • June 19.  June waitpool (Round 3) notification letters mailed.

  • June 26-August 30. Open enrollment period (any open seats available)

  • August 14. August waitpool deadline (Round 4) - last date to submit/change/withdraw.

  • August 30. August waitpool (Round 4) notification sent.

  • September 03 - November 15. Spring 2020 transfer forms accepted - notifications mailed December 13, 2019

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We are here to help! 

Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco is here to support you as you consider your next steps in the process. We offer several free workshops at public library branches around the city, and we can also come to your school or workplace to present a private workshop.

  • Attend a free workshop.

  • Participate in a Facebook Live chat session.

  • Tweet your short enrollment questions to @ppssf.

  • Ask a PPS-SF parent ambassador about a specific school by emailing ambassadors@ppssf.org.

  • Email info@ppssf.org for general questions.

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