Middle Grades Redesign: Recap of SFUSD Presentation

PPS-SF hosted our Annual General Meeting on the topic of Middle Grades Redesign on April 26, 2018. Leaders from SFUSD, our cosponsors in this event, rolled out proposed changes to the middle grades experience and engaged in audience feedback. Here is a summary of what we learned. 

History. In 2016, a team of SFUSD middle school principals created a working group to explore best practices from middle schools across the country. The goal was to integrate programs and practices in all SFUSD middle schools (including K-8 schools) that will lead to more students graduating high school with the skills and knowledge needed to compete and thrive in the 21st-century world. 

SFUSD Vision 2025 and The Graduate Profile

Timeframe. Changes would roll out over the next three years, to be fully implemented by the time that current 5th graders are in 8th grade, for the academic year 2020-2021.

Middle Grades Redesign Elements. Three major changes would impact all SFUSD middle grades students in upcoming years.

1. New universal learning experiences for all middle school students.

This would include core academic courses, exploratory courses, acceleration for all, and electives. Courses would be offered on a trimester schedule. Exploratory courses would include, World Languages, Health, Visual and Performing Arts, and Computer Science. 

2. An eight-period modified block schedule.

Students would take eight courses each trimester, with longer blocks of classes on certain days of the week.

3. District-wide professional learning time.

There is a proposed two-hour early release on Wednesdays for all schools to allow teachers to engage in grade-level planning with teaching teams. 

Read more of the details for these three elements in this presentation from SFUSD. You can also watch a video of the presentation at the bottom of this post. 

More than 125 people attended the meeting on Thursday evening, and participants had an opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on the proposed changes.

There will be additional opportunities for families to partner with SFUSD around the Middle Grades Redesign between now and the end of 2018-19 school year and we will keep you posted as opportunities arise!

If you wish to give feedback right now, you can share your thoughts with SFUSD on the Middle Grades Redesign proposal via a Google Form.

SFUSD Vision 2025: Middle Grades Redesign Initiative Feedback Form

Many thanks to SFUSD for their collaboration and generous sponsorship of this event!