Synergy Gradebook for All: What We Know

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is in the process of migrating parent communications from School Loop to a new platform called Synergy Gradebook for All.


Per SFUSD, the transition to Synergy Gradebook for All will provide SFUSD’s students, families, teachers, and district staff with a unified system for real-time information on classes, grades, assignments, and more. Families will be able to sign up for workshops this fall to learn how to use the new tool. We will share out information about these workshops as soon as we have details.

Many parents and caregivers have had questions about the logistics of the transition. Here are a few answers to frequently-asked-questions that we have heard through our parent networks.

What is the difference between Synergy, Gradebook for All, ParentVUE, and StudentVUE?

Synergy and Gradebook for All are the same thing. It is called “Synergy Gradebook” on their website. ParentVUE is the the parent portal that helps families to stay informed about their student’s progress. Families can see information about all of their students with only one login. StudentVUE gives students access to see grades, attendance, and a means to contact teachers.


StudentVUE Account Activation

Where do I get my code to create my ParentVUE account?

Each individual school should be sending (or may have already sent) an individual activation key home with each student. If you have not received a letter with this key, please contact the “Synergy Superstar” at your school site. If you do not know your school’s Synergy Superstar, please contact your school office. Dates, and the method of distribution, will be determined by by individual school sites, per SFUSD. Some schools may begin using this new system earlier than others.

Are there apps for Synergy Gradebook for All?

Yes. There is an app for parents and another one for students.

Parent VUE app

Student VUE app

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Review the Gradebook for All website to stay up to date with additional support and resources, or email SFUSD at

Synergy Gradebook for All