Round 5 Updates

After the first week of the 2017–2018 school year, some families are still on edge, waiting to hear whether their children will be assigned to the schools they requested in the wait pool. We have consulted with the Educational Placement Center (EPC) and would like to share answers to the following questions parents have been asking.

Why is Round 5 behind schedule?

Round 5 is actually running on time, according to the plans of the EPC. This is the schedule they published:

Aug. 25-Sept. 1, 2017

Round (5) August WP Notification by mail and phone. SFUSD continues to assign WP as space becomes available.

This was often misinterpreted to mean that the wait pool would be run on August 24, and notification calls would begin on August 25. What the EPC actually meant was that notification calls would be made sometime between August 25 and September 1. The process is still on track to meet that goal.

Once the three-day count happens, it takes some time to prepare the assignment run. Some schools notify the EPC of dropped students by the end of the third day, but some take longer. The EPC must have and verify the information for every school before it can conduct the assignment run.

Will I be notified by mail or by phone?

Everyone who participated in Round 5 will be notified by mail, whether or not they are able to be assigned to their requested schools. Students who do receive an assignment in Round 5 will also be notified by phone, so that they can start attending their new schools as soon as possible.

Why did some families receive their notification phone calls last week?

There were some schools that ended up with more openings than the number of students in the wait pool. The EPC did not have to run the assignment system in these cases because everyone in the wait pool was assigned to the school. The EPC already notified affected families of their new assignments on August 25. The additional openings were already added to the Available Schools Assignment Period (ASAP) list.

What is happening now?

As of 5pm on Tuesday, August 29, the assignment run has been completed. EPC staff are working overtime to call as many parents as possible tonight. Remaining calls should be completed on Wednesday. Notification letters are being prepared and will likely be mailed on Wednesday.

What if I don’t get assigned to my requested school?

You can visit the EPC to look at the list of schools that have openings following the assignment run. These openings are available on a first come, first served basis, and must be requested in person.

Students enrolled in SFUSD schools will not be able to transfer after this Friday, September 1. Families can apply for a Spring Transfer starting on September 1.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us by emailing or calling (415) 861-7077.