Upcoming SFUSD Board of Education Meeting

Tonight the SFUSD Board of Education discusses the first draft of the district's Budget and Local Control and Accountability Plan.

Regular Board of Education Meeting: Tuesday June 14 @ 6PM in the Board Room

Agenda for the meeting here

Topics to be Discussed

  • The board will hear and adopt the annual Budget and Service Plan for Special Education

  • There will be an update presented on the African American Achievement and Leadership Initiative (AAALI). More information on AAALI here. 

  • The SFUSD Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 and the updated Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) This is a document outlining goals and high level strategies for the next 3 fiscal years) will be introduced and discussed.

    • First Draft of the LCAP The format this year is a bit easier to read. The update at the beginning shows data about how SFUSD is doing overall on a number of measures. The LCAP also includes the results of community feedback and planned actions and expenditures on specific initiatives over the next 3 years.

      • SFUSD Staff has also issued responses (as required by state law) to stakeholder feedback on the LCAP.  Responses are here.

    • Recommended SFUSD Budget for FY 2017-18. This is a big document! The narrative at the beginning is worth a read if you want to really understand where the money comes from to fund our schools. You can see individual school budgets and central supports (like social workers, nurses etc.) received budgeted for each school starting at page 77.

  • A resolution will be introduced for "immediate action" (ie, the Board will likely vote on this the same night it is introduced) titled: In Support of Prohibiting Tobacco Retailers from Selling Flavored Tobacco Products, Including Menthol Cigarettes.

    • Text of the proposed resolution is here.

Public Comment

There is always an opportunity for public comment at school board meetings. At regular meetings, speakers may speak to any item being voted on or may give general public comment during the time reserved for "Public Comment on General Matters." Speakers must sign up in advance, either by calling the board office at (415) 241-6493 or filling out a speaker card at the meeting and handing it to Esther Casco, the executive assistant to the board who sits next to the podium. Speaker cards must be turned in before the agenda item being spoken to is officially "called." Members of the public are typically be allowed two minutes to speak, but time given may be shorter if there are a large number of speakers.

Recording and Live Coverage of Meetings

You can access recordings of regular and committee meetings.

Video recordings of regular meetings

Audio recordings of committee meetings (click where it says "audio recording," under the meeting agenda)

Recordings are usually posted a few days after the meeting.

Regular board meetings are also broadcast live on KALWSFGOVTV2, and via live webcast. You can also follow PPS-SF's twitter feed, we'll be there on Tuesday night.