Wanted: Your SF Public School Enrollment Success Stories

Has PPS-SF helped you to have a public school enrollment outcome that is positive for your family? Please let us know! 

At PPS-SF, we help thousands of families with SFUSD enrollment each year through our workshops, Parent Clubs, and digital resources.

Image: Harvey Milk Elementary School

Image: Harvey Milk Elementary School

We often hear back from families who have not been pleased with their assigned schools.

We are always sorry to hear about stressful situations or outcomes that are not the best fit for families. However, we also want to hear from those of you who have experienced positive outcomes.

For parents new to SFUSD, are you pleased with your school assignment? 

For currently enrolled parents, is your child attending a school that you enjoy, thanks to help or advice from PPS-SF?

Please let us know in the comments or by sending an email to info@ppssf.org with "Happy Story" in the subject line. No need to write anything lengthy. Just send us a quick sentence or two with your happy news. 

Thank you!