Why Should You Register?

"Why should I register at the school when I know I don't want to send my child there?"

This is an interesting question that we often hear in the weeks right after the SFUSD school assignment letters are mailed. Parents may wonder why they should bother registering their child at the offered school, when (for whatever reason) the school seems to not be the right fit.

Why register?

  • It holds your spot. From this point forward, you are guaranteed not to get another school that you want less. If you participate in Round 2, you will only get a school that you want more. 
  • If you do not get something from Round 2, then your child will not have an assignment unless you register for your Round 1 school. We have found that families without a school assignment are often more stressed out during the summer months than those who are registered at a school that is not their top choice. 
  • It could potentially give you trade up value. A school that is not convenient for your family may be highly desired by another family. 
  • It does not reduce your chances of getting an assignment you want more. 
  • Sometimes families register just in case. After they visit the school they often find out that they like it more. Get to know your assigned school. You might actually like it.  

Why not register?

If you have a plan to attend a school outside of the SFUSD, then you may not need to register before you participate in Round 2. 

Applying for Round 2

School Hack: How to Register

Note: The deadline to register at your SFUSD school, or to participate in Round 2, is April 21, 2017.