High School:
Phase 3


SFUSD mails initial high school assignment letters in mid-March each year. PPS-SF is ready to guide you through the next steps in the enrollment process.


Register at your assigned school.

If you are pleased with your assigned high school, congratulations! You are done as soon as you register by the deadline.

Registering at your assigned school will not hurt your chances in next rounds and could possibly help your chances in future rounds.


Applying for the May Placement Period (Round 2.

If you would like to apply for another school, then you should register at your assigned school and submit a May Placement Period application at the EPC by the deadline.

You do not need to resubmit proof of address documentation with your Round 2 application, unless you have moved, but you do need to submit the application in person at the Educational Placement Center (EPC). Make sure you bring your ID.

SFUSD Application Forms

Parents should only list schools on their May Placement Period applications that they want more than the March Placement schools where they registered their children. If the district is able to offer you another school in the May Placement Period, you will automatically lose your March Placement assignment.

Applying for SFUSD May Placement Period


Applying for the June Wait Pool (Round 3).

All families who apply for the May Placement Period receive a letter in mid-May. If you are assigned a new school and are pleased with it, then you only need to register by the deadline. Congratulations!

If you do not register by the deadline, then your child loses the spot.

If you would like to apply for another school, then you should register at your assigned school (if you received one) and submit a June Wait Pool application at the EPC by the late May deadline. The June Wait Pool marks the start of the Wait Pool rounds. You may only request one school for the Wait Pool.

How to Apply to June Wait Pool 


Wait Pool continues.

The August Wait Pool (Round 4) continues the Wait Pool process that began with the June Wait Pool. If you submitted a Wait Pool form for the June Wait Pool and did not receive an assignment to your Wait Pool school, your application stays active throughout the August Wait Pool unless you remove your name from the Wait Pool.

Summer Steps