How to Apply for SFUSD June Wait Pool

The San Francisco Unified School District mails the May Placement Period assignment letters in mid-May each year.

All families who applied for the May Placement Period receive a letter. Your letter might assign your child to a school you requested on your May Placement Period application. If you were not placed into any of your May Placement Period requested schools, then your letter might:

  • Confirm that your child is still assigned at your registered school.

  • Notify you that your child has no school assignment because you did not accept your initial offer.

  • Offer your child an assignment to the school closest to your home with an open seat, if the May Placement Period was your first application in this enrollment cycle.

All parents who receive a new assignment should register at their assigned schools by the late May or early June deadline that will be stated in the letter from SFUSD.

If you do not register by the deadline, then your child loses the spot and you will have to start the process over. If you register by the deadline, then your child holds that spot even if you submit an application for the June Wait Pool and/or August Wait Pool. If you register, your held spot is released only if you are assigned to another school or program that you want more.

If you registered at your initial assigned school, and the May Placement Period letter confirms that assignment, you do not need to register again.

If you are pleased with your assigned school, then you only need to register by the late May or early June deadline, and you are finished with the assignment process. Congratulations!

If you would like to apply for another school, then by the May or June deadline you should register at your assigned school and submit a June Wait Pool application at the EPC.

To participate in the June Wait Pool, parents must submit their applications by the late May or early June deadline.

The application for the June Wait Pool is called the Wait Pool Form. It is available on the SFUSD website. You do not need to resubmit proof of address documentation with your Wait Pool application. You do need to bring your ID and apply in person at the Educational Placement Center at 555 Franklin Street, Room 100.

You may only request one school for the wait pool.

Only request a school on your Wait Pool Form that you want more than the school where your child is already registered.

If the district is able to offer you your wait pool school or program in the June Wait Pool, you automatically lose your previous assignment. So only apply to a school or program that you want more.

Seats are assigned using the same system of tie-breakers and lottery that were used in previous placement periods.

The SFUSD mails the June Wait Pool assignment letters in mid-June.

If you receive a new assignment as a result of the June Wait Pool, then:

  • You receive a letter notifying you of the assignment.

  • Your child’s spot in their previously registered school is released.

  • Your child is automatically registered at the new school.

  • This is your child’s final assignment. You are not eligible to participate in additional wait pools.

If you do not receive a new assignment in the June Wait Pool, then:

  • You do not receive a notification letter.

  • Your child remains assigned to their registered school if you registered in time.

  • Your child does not have a school assignment if you did not register at your previously offered school.

  • Your wait pool request remains active for the August Wait Pool if you do not change or withdraw your request.

  • You may change or cancel your wait pool request for the August Wait Pool by the SFUSD August deadline. You may do this in person or by sending an email to

We understand that it can be stressful to finish this school year while being uncertain about next year’s school placement. Please hang in there! In a previous year, over 700 families received their wait pool school.

We are here to help you if you have any questions about your next steps: