Be a Parent Ambassador

Help other parents while promoting your public school! 

As parents are deciding which schools to request for their children, they find it very helpful to gain the perspective of parents already in the school and to hear about their personal experiences. These connections may encourage parents to visit schools and consider them for their children.

PPS-SF parent ambassadors

  • Contact requesting parents by phone or email within a few days of receiving the request.

  • Share information about their schools with prospective parents.

  • Provide honest feedback about a school’s strengths and how the school meets its challenges.

  • Refer difficult questions to school staff, other parents, or back to PPS-SF.

It's not a big commitment. Depending on the number of requests and the number of ambassadors in a school, we may connect an ambassador with up to 3 or 4 parents during a school year. Questions tend to peak during the enrollment season, but occasionally people will move into the district or look at transferring schools at other times during the year.

Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco does not post or share the ambassador's contact information with anyone at any time.

To volunteer to be a PPS-SF parent ambassador for your child’s school, please fill out the registration form:

Parent Ambassador Registration

We also invite current volunteers to stay on board as your children transition to new schools. Please become a Parent Ambassador for your child's new middle school or high school. We promise to give you time to get settled before calling on you. 

If you have any questions about the PPS-SF Parent Ambassador Program or to request to speak to a Parent Ambassador, please contact us at

We look forward to working together to promote our public schools!