Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

The Building, Grounds, and Services committee met Monday, September 23 and there will be a regular Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, September 24.

Augmented Buildings, Grounds and Services Committee: Monday 9/23 at 6:00PM

The full agenda is available here.

The committee heard a briefing on SFUSD’s policy development and planning to support educator housing. Audio recording of the meeting can be found here.

Regular Board Meeting: Tuesday 9/24 at 6:00 pm

You can find the full online agenda here.

Opening Items:

Click here to learn how to nominate someone for a RAVE award!

Click here to learn how to nominate someone for a RAVE award!

  • Superintendent’s Report, Student Delegate Report

  • Commendations: two SFUSD employees will receive RAVE awards: Sarah Carp, Instructional Reform Facilitator at BVHM and Alisa Chriss-Price, Secretary at Charles Drew Elementary.

Public Comment:

Those who have filled out speaker cards in advance may speak on general matters. Most of the time there is a limit of 2 minutes per speaker for public comment.

Advisory Committee Report

The Community Advisory Council for Special Education will be reporting to the Board of Education.

Consent Calendar:

  • This part of the agenda includes approval of contracts, MOUs, and personnel items (approving hirings, transfers, leaves of absence, separations etc.)

  • Usually the board votes on these all together, but any board member may “sever” a particular item from the group to discuss it in more detail and vote on it separately

Action Items:

Want to learn more about charter schools? Ed100.org is a great resource.  https://ed100.org/lessons/charterschools

Want to learn more about charter schools? Ed100.org is a great resource. https://ed100.org/lessons/charterschools

  • The Board will vote on two resolutions related to petitions by the New School, a charter school in San Francisco

  • The board will vote to approve or deny a petition to renew the New School Charter and will also vote on the New School’s request for a “material revision” to the charter renewal which would allow the school to expand to serve grades 6-8.

  • New School is not currently an SFUSD authorized charter. The original charter for the school was granted by the state of California’s Board of Education through a process which allows charter organizations to appeal to the state if authorization is denied at the local district level. The same process must be followed for renewals.

Proposal for Immediate Action

  • Commissioners Cook and Norton will ask the board to approve a resolution opposing Proposition C on San Franciso’s November ballot. Proposition C.

  • The resolution notes that Proposition C has the heavy financial backing of the e-cigarette corporation Juul, and would repeal restrictions San Francisco has passed on the sale of e-cigarettes, including candy-flavored e-cigarettes.

Introduction of Resolutions

  • These resolutions will not be voted on or discussed tonight - they will be sent for discussion at one or more board committee meetings and then will come back to the full board for a vote at a later date.

  • There is an opportunity for the public to speak to any of the resolutions introduced

  • Resolutions include:

Public Comment

There is always an opportunity for public comment at school board meetings.

At regular meetings, speakers may speak to any item being voted on or may give general public comment during the time reserved for "Public Comment on General Matters." This item has recently been moved earlier on the agenda, so if you wish to speak, make sure you arrive by 6PM! Speakers must sign up in advance, either by calling the board office at (415) 241-6493 or filling out a speaker card at the meeting and handing it to Esther Casco, the executive assistant to the board, who sits next to the podium. Speaker cards must be turned in before the agenda item being spoken to is officially "called."

At committee meetings, those wishing to speak may sign up in advance or simply approach the podium when the committee chair calls for public comment.

Members of the public are typically allowed two minutes to speak, but the time given may be shorter if there are a large number of speakers.

Recording and Live Coverage of Meetings

You can access recordings of regular and committee meetings.

Video recordings of regular meetings (not available for committee meetings)

Audio recordings of committee meetings (click where it says "audio recording," under the meeting agenda)

Recordings are usually posted a few days after the meeting.

Regular board meetings are also broadcast live on KALWSFGOVTV2, and via live webcast.

A gracious PPS-SF volunteer will be providing live-tweet coverage of the regular meeting this week. To follow, just search our handle @PPSSFBoardWatch or hashtag #BoardWatch!