Looking at SFUSD High Schools for Next Year? Start Here!

When it comes to applying for high school in San Francisco there are many amazing public schools to explore. We have done the legwork to help get you started.

Download our Open House, Tour, and Shadow resource!

Applying to high school is an exciting time for your student and in San Francisco there are a vast array of schools, programs, and pathways to choose from. Sometimes it can feel hard to know where to begin. The good news is that every high school provides multiple opportunities for students and families to visit and learn about the school community and offerings.

Can you identify all of these schools?

Can you identify all of these schools?

Each school is different: some offer shadow visits and others do not. Some have specific dates for tours and others ask that you call to schedule.

We reached out to all of the comprehensive high schools in SFUSD and compiled available dates, times, and contact information all in one place. Please feel free to download this resource. We hope to update it as new dates or opportunities are made available, so check back from time to time for the latest version! (Disclaimer: this document is correct based on our outreach as of this week, but schedules are subject to change! Please feel free to send us any updates you know of.)

Download high school tour resource here.

If you have additional questions about how the process works or what types of programs are offered in SFUSD high schools, plan to attend one of our free High School enrollment workshops.

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