Donate used items to support PPS-SF!


Support PPS-SF by donating your used items to Community Thrift!

Ready for spring cleaning? Tidy up your space, feel good about your items being re-purposed in a new home and benefit PPS-SF all at the same time!

Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco is now a charity that the Community Thrift Store (CTS) shares proceeds with! We need your support by choosing CTS as your donation destination and choosing PPS-SF when dropping off items!

Community Thrift Store is an independent and non-discriminatory establishment and is located on 623 Valencia Street, San Francisco. The donation door is open from 10am-5pm every day. It is located on the south side of the building on Sycamore Alley, parallel to 18th Street and perpendicular to Mission and Valencia Streets (Sycamore runs one way from Mission toward Valencia).

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Please make sure to take a look at welcome and unacceptable donation items before dropping off items here

Thank you for your continuous support to Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco! Please share this with family and friends!

Donations are tax deductible. Please make sure to get a receipt when donating!

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