What We Do at PPS-SF: A Back-to-School Reminder

Happy new school year to all of our public school friends! 

Members of the PPS-SF team! 

Members of the PPS-SF team! 

Our small but mighty team has spent the summer fine-tuning our programs to best serve parents across the City, in every neighborhood, in three languages (English, Chinese, and Spanish).

For those who are not familiar with our work at PPS-SF (or for those who need a reminder) here is broad overview of all that we do.

  • We stand up for public education as a fundamental building block of a strong and healthy city.
  • We help families navigate SFUSD enrollment through free workshops in public libraries and other spaces.
  • We offer fee-based private enrollment workshops in schools, businesses, or even private homes.
  • We work with newcomer families to navigate and understand SFUSD processes and know their rights as public school parents.
  • We monitor decision-making at a high level and share parent feedback with SFUSD officials to influence policy.
  • We find answers to your tough questions regarding public school funding, the impact of federal and state decisions, and issues of equity and access.
  • We host Latino, Chinese, and African American Parent Leadership Clubs at schools and community sites across San Francisco.
  • We train parents and caregivers to be strong advocates for their children and their schools through our Family Engagement Workshops.
  • We offer one-on-one support for families who need extra guidance.
  • We host community events, candidate forums, and other events where parents can engage directly with leaders in education. 

As we move into a fresh school year, we continue to work toward our vision, where all San Franciscans are invested in the success of every public school in our City. 

Happy new semester to everyone!