Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week: Vote YES on Prop G

With a busy year almost over, Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-11) is a chance for families to stop, reflect, and appreciate the work and commitment of our teachers and other educators.

We all are looking for great ways to honor the awesome work that our public school teachers do. And, this year, we have the opportunity to REALLY show our appreciation. Let’s spread the word about Prop G, and get it passed this June!

Here are some things we can do via our parent-teacher organizations or even with a few parent volunteers at our schools:


Leaflet outside schools with Prop G materials. Materials can be dropped off to you by campaign staff, email D'Vonte Graham. To schedule a drop off of flyers, email: dvontegraham0119@gmail.com. Or you can pick up materials at the United Educators of San Francisco office, located at 2310 Mason Street.

Update a Facebook Profile Picture. Go to the "Yes to SF Teachers” Facebook page and like it first. Then update your profile pic with this awesome frame.

Volunteer to spread the word about Prop G hereYou can also do phone banking or texting.

Please share this information with your school communities and other parent networks! Learn more at YestoSFTeachers.com.