Upcoming Board Meetings

SFUSD Board of Education holds a regular meeting Tuesday night, Budget committee meets Wednesday.  

Board of Education meeting: Tuesday, March 13 @ 6 PM, at 555 Franklin Street.

Agenda for the meeting here.

Topics to be discussed include:

Informational Items:

  • The board will pass a resolution of commendation in honor of the 75th anniversary of SFUSD's early education department

  • The board will present RAVE awards to: Alice Lin-Tay, School Secretary at Tenderloin Community School and Candy Lee, Classroom Teacher at Chinese Education Center

  • The District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC) and Bilingual Community Council (BCC) will give reports 

  • The board will hear an update on Update on SPARK*SFUSD. More information about his 501(c)(3) that advocates and raises funds is here

Action Items:

  • The Board will vote on the proposed Public Education Enrichment Fund expenditure plan for next year, 2018–2019: Proposed PEEF Expenditure Plan.
    • The PEEF expenditure plan details the use of funds generated by 2014 SF voter-approved "Children and Families First" initiative.
    • General areas funded are school sports, libraries, arts, music, and student wellness.
  • The board will vote on the following new or updated board policies:
    • Parent Involvement: requires that all schools have parent/caregiver/family involvement policies. At Title 1 schools these policies must be written and jointly developed with and approved by families, students and school personnel
    • Advertising and Promotion: sets forth criteria to approve materials for distribution in schools, including a prohibition on materials that contain "prayer or proselytizing language" or that promote food or beverages that do not meet state nutritional guidlines
    • Title 1 Programs: sets guidelines for showing comparability of services across district schools (Title 1 vs non-Title 1)
    • Budget: codifies budget development and adoption process and sets guidelines for reserve fund
    • Drug and Alcohol Free Schools: reflects Proposition 64 which prohibits any person from possessing, smoking, or ingesting cannabis on school grounds while children are present
    • Student Organizations and Equal Access: requires schools to give student organizations with equal access to school meeting space, media, supplies, equipment regardless of political, philosophical, religious or other speech content of organization
    • Temporary Athletic Coaches: incorporates new requirements for coaches to take a training course related to the nature and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest
    • Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities: prohibits discrimination in student access to activities. A proposed amendment that would have disallowed students to be charged fees to attend student performances (but not athletic events) has been removed from this policy and will be considered as a separate policy proposal to be discussed at the next rules committee meeting.

Special Order of Business:

  • Proclamation by the Student Advisory Council: To Protect and Save Children from Gun Violence

Board of Education meeting: Tuesday, March 14, 2018 @ 4 PM, at 555 Franklin Street.

Agenda for the meeting here.

Informational items:

  • School Site Budgets
  • Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Public Comment

There is always an opportunity for public comment at school board meetings.

At regular meetings, speakers may speak to any item being voted on or may give general public comment during the time reserved for "Public Comment on General Matters." Speakers must sign up in advance, either by calling the board office at (415) 241-6493 or filling out a speaker card at the meeting and handing it to Esther Casco, the executive assistant to the board, who sits next to the podium. Speaker cards must be turned in before the agenda item being spoken to is officially "called."

At committee meetings, those wishing to speak may sign up in advance or simply approach the podium when the committee chair calls for public comment.

Members of the public are typically allowed two minutes to speak, but the time given may be shorter if there are a large number of speakers.

Recording and Live Coverage of Meetings

You can access recordings of regular and committee meetings.

Video recordings of regular meetings (not available for committee meetings)

Audio recordings of committee meetings (click where it says "audio recording," under the meeting agenda)

Recordings are usually posted a few days after the meeting.

Regular board meetings are also broadcast live on KALWSFGOVTV2, and via live webcast.