Become a PPS-SF Parent Ambassador. A low commitment volunteer role with big impact on families!

Love your school and want others to know what makes it unique? Spoke to a PPS-SF Parent Ambassador while searching for schools and looking to give back? Remember what it felt like to receive a school assignment you know little about?

Help us help parents and families. Spread the word about your public school!

As the school year comes to a close, PPS-SF is gearing up to be ready for “enrollment season” for the next year. From September to January, many families are figuring out what schools to put on their enrollment application. Any SFUSD parent can relate to feeling overwhelmed in the process of choosing schools. PPS-SF Parent Ambassador Program is a resource families can use to speak to a parent or caregiver currently at the school. Being a Parent Ambassador is a small commitment but is extremely helpful for families.

We are always looking for Parent Ambassadors at all SFUSD schools. There are currently some schools that have been requested highly through the PPS-SF Parent Ambassador Program that have one or no returning Parent Ambassadors for the 2019-2020 school year. Because of this, while we are open to any new Parent Ambassadors, we are especially looking for families from these schools:

Elementary Schools

Alamo Dianne Feinstein Lawton Sheridan Ulloa

Argonne Dr. Charles R. Drew Leonard R. Flynn Sherman

Bessie Carmichael Jean Parker Monroe Starr King

Claire Lilienthal John Yehall Chin Paul Revere Sunset

Commodore-Sloat Jose Ortega Robert Louis StevensonSutro

Middle Schools High School

Aptos Galileo

Willie Brown

PPS-SF works toward having every school represented and fulfilling all requests from families, we need your help to do this! Please learn more about the program below and forward to anyone who may be interested.


PPS-SF parent ambassadors

  • Contact parents who reach out by phone or email within a few days of receiving the request.

  • Share information about their schools with prospective parents.

  • Provide honest feedback about a school’s strengths and how the school meets its challenges.

  • Refer difficult questions to school staff, other parents, or back to PPS-SF.

It's not a big commitment. Depending on the number of requests and the number of ambassadors in a school, we may connect an ambassador with up to 3 to 5 parents in a year. 

Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco does not post or share the ambassador's contact information with anyone at any time.

To volunteer to be a PPS-SF parent ambassador for your child’s school, please fill out the registration form:

Parent Ambassador Registration

If you have any questions about the PPS-SF Parent Ambassador Program, or if you would like to be connected with a PPS-SF parent ambassador, please contact us at

We look forward to working together to support public school families!