Meet the PPS-SF Staff: Mc Allen, Enrollment Coach

Learn more about the folks working hard to help our public school families! This week, meet Mc Allen, PPS-SF Enrollment Coach.

Mc Allen (left) and his San Francisco kids!

Mc Allen (left) and his San Francisco kids!

Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco is a small but mighty team. We are parents, community leaders, and public school advocates. Our staff represents a wide array of ages, languages, and countries of origin. One thing we share in common: our passion for public education as a foundation of a liveable city for everyone. 

Name: Mc Allen

Title: Enrollment Coach

Why Mc works for PPS-SF:

 Mc (sounds like "Mack") first encountered PPS-SF as an anxious and confused parent. A PPS-SF workshop cleared his confusion and comforted his nerves. Knowing from experience how valuable enrollment information is to families, Mc jumped at the chance to pass it on. Mc is a great believer in the institution of public education, and thinks every family in San Francisco should have the resources that help them engage their schools successfully. 

Little known Mc Fact:  

Mc's hobby for the last thirteen years has been reading poems to strangers on the sidewalks of San Francisco.

Mc Quote:

"Access to quality education is fundamental to the future of our society. Because public school is the foundation on which we build a better future, it is our responsibility to strengthen that foundation by dedication and commitment."