ExCEL Afterschool Programs in SFUSD Move to Sliding Scale Tuition in 2017–2018

Loss of competitive federal grant funds for afterschool programs prompts SFUSD to move to sliding scale structure. Upside: programs may serve more students.

Starting next fall, all SFUSD ExCEL elementary, K-8, and middle school afterschool programs will shift to a sliding scale tuition structure. Many ExCEL programs have already implemented sliding scale tuition to increase capacity, however there are still some schools where all students currently receive afterschool care free of charge. This has been made possible in recent years because SFUSD has been awarded millions of dollars in competitive state and federal grants. For next year, some of these grants were not renewed, leaving the program with $3.3 million less than it had last year. SFUSD will cover part of this loss (about $1.2 million), and the rest will be covered by the new tuition structure.

Letter from SFUSD on ExCEL After School

The shift to sliding scale tuition has the potential to allow afterschool programs to expand and serve more students. Historically, demand for afterschool care has exceeded supply at many schools in the district. In fact, a shift to family co-payment was mandated by a unanimously passed SFUSD board resolution "In Support of Increased Access to Afterschool Programs for All Students in SFUSD Schools" in April 2014. 

For many families, ExCEL programs will still be free or very low cost. Any student who is eligible for free or reduced lunch, homeless, or in foster care will not be required to make any tuition co-payment. There may still be small fees charged that are required by law, but no student will be turned away for inability to pay. For all other students, families will pay a co-payment fee on a sliding scale of $50–$500/month based on income. 

For details about how this change will impact out-of-school care at your student's school, contact the program site coordinator at the school your child attends.

Program Site Coordinators and Interactive Map Showing ExCEL Program Locations


Survey on Changes to Sliding Scale Tuition for ExCEL Afterschool Programs

Do you have a child who attends or will attend an ExCEL afterschool program?
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Additional Feedback:
Additional Feedback:
When looking at school choices, the availability of on-site aftercare for all interested students was a top priority for me.
I agree that schools should have sliding scale tuition structures for afterschool programs if that allows programs to expand to serve all students.