Round 2 versus Placement Appeals

Families who are not satisfied with their Round 1 assignment into a San Francisco public school can submit a Round 2 application for the May Placement Period by April 21, 2017. This is also the deadline to file a Placement Appeal. So what's the difference between the two?

Anyone can participate in Round 2 by submitting the 2017-18 Round Two Amended Application Form in person at the Educational Placement Center (EPC) at 555 Franklin Street. Take photo ID and the Round 2 application form. Proof of address is required only if the address has changed since the previous application. Families should list any school they prefer over their Round 1 assignment. If there are more than ten preferred schools, then list the additional schools or programs on the Additional Choices Form.

Image credit: Viktor Hanacek

Image credit: Viktor Hanacek

The appeals process can be used by those who face special circumstances. There are two types of appeals:

  • Medical Appeal: for a student whose own medical condition cannot be accommodated appropriately at the assigned school.
  • Family Hardship Appeal: for a student whose family faces a unique hardship within the household.

Decisions are made by a committee, and their decision is final. Applications should include as much documentation as possible to make a compelling case for the student's or the family's unique situation. The case should focus on why the specific requested school would meet the family's needs in a way that the assigned school would not.

Families may appeal for placement into one school. Submit the March Appeal Form and paperwork for the appeal, together with a Round 2 application, by April 14, 2017. Even though only one school may be requested on the appeal, include any options preferred over the initial assignment in the Round 2 application.

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