For Parents of Seniors: Get Ready for College Now

Make Sure Your Student Is Ready For College Level Courses Next Fall

Many students who attend CSU schools or community colleges start by taking developmental courses in college to help them get up to speed.

  • CSU provides a tool to look up data about historical readiness of students at your school

  • Students with ACT, SAT or CAASPP test scores that qualify them for college level courses are not required to take developmental courses or to participate in CSU Early Start Program prior to the start of college (exemption from this program saves time and money)

  • Your 12th grader still has an opportunity to get ready through course work and/or additional testing!

How do ACT, SAT and CAASPP scores determine a student's readiness for college level courses?

  • Your student's score on these tests can indicate to schools whether he or she is ready for placement in college level courses rather than developmental courses at California State Universities (CSU) and California Community Colleges (CCC)

  • Another way to qualify for college level courses is by earning a "C" or better in approved Math and/or English courses during 12th grade

  • AP English and Math scores can also qualify students for college level coursework

  • Need more details about what scores qualify students for initial placement in college level courses?

    • CSU college-level course readiness information, including how schools use scores from the "new" SAT

    • CCSF college-level course readiness

    • Other community colleges in CA

What should I do now?

  • Check the CAASPP score report you received in August. Your student's Early Assessment Program (EAP) results are on the back of the CAASPP score report

  • If your student has taken the ACT and/or SAT, see if these scores indicate they are "ready" for college level courses by checking here

  • If test scores indicate your student is "conditionally ready," make sure they are signed up for senior year courses that meet college readiness requirements. There is also a low cost online math course that conditionally ready students can take.

  • If test scores indicate that your student is "not ready" for college level courses, help them prepare for the required EPT/ELM placement tests (CSU specific). Free online prep tools are available for the EPT (English) and ELM (Math) placement tests.

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