Upcoming Board Meetings

Monday the Curriculum and Program Committee of the SFUSD Board of Education meets.

Augmented Curriculum and Program Committee Meeting: Monday October 16 @ 6PM in the Board Room

Agenda for the meeting here

The committee may make a recommendation on the following:

  • Submission of Renewal Petition for KIPP San Francisco College Prep High School

  • A Resolution in Support of Reducing SFUSD Assessments proposed by Commissioners Mark Sanchez and Stevon Cook

    • Resolution calls for district-mandated interim assessments to be voluntary: teachers would be able to opt-in

    • Also would clarify that assessment data is not to be used to evaluate teachers in SFUSD

    • Resolution cites concerns that tests are inadequately aligned with curriculum, loss of instructional time to testing and student exhaustion/over-testing

Computer Science %0Bin San Francisco.jpg

The committee will hear informational updates on:

  • Computer Science
    • SFUSD's Board of Education adopted a resolution in 2015 supporting "Computer Science for All"
    • For more information about the goals and implementation timeline see the district's Computer Science for All website
  • AB 1369 - Legislation Related to Early Screening and Intervention for Students At-Risk of Dyslexia
    • State law resulted in the recent adoption of new guidelines related to teaching students with Dyslexia: new guidelines are here (lots of great resources included!)
    • Find more information on this California law in this EdSource article 
  • Public Comment

There is always an opportunity for public comment at school board meetings. At committee meetings, members of the public are given an opportunity to speak before the board discusses each agenda item. Unlike regular board meetings, there is no need to sign up in advance. Members of the public are typically allowed two minutes to speak, but time given may be shorter if there are a large number of speakers.

Recording and Live Coverage of Meetings

You can access recordings of regular and committee meetings.

Video recordings of regular meetings (not available for committee meetings)

Audio recordings of committee meetings (click where it says "audio recording," under the meeting agenda)

Recordings are usually posted a few days after the meeting.

Regular board meetings are also broadcast live on KALWSFGOVTV2, and via live webcast.