PPS-SF Blog Comments Standards

1. Blog comments are a way to share information and discuss topics of mutual interest. All posts are moderated by PPS-SF staff for appropriate tone and content. Specifically:

  • Be respectful.
  • Refrain from sarcasm.
  • Use ALL CAPS with care (it looks like shouting).
  • Do not use profanity or offensive language.
  • Do not post rumors or personal information about another person.

2. Keep the discussion moving forward. If you have expertise/interest in a particular topic, it's OK to post about it as long as you are in some way bringing new information each time you post.

3. Refrain from piling on. "Me too" posts are discouraged if you have no additional points to add other than "I agree!"

4. Keep threads current and relevant to public school issues.

5. Try not to dominate. Let others have a chance to talk.

6. Contact a PPS-SF moderator at info@ppssf.org if you feel that you have seen something inappropriate in the blog comments.

7. Blog comments must follow our Terms and Conditions of Use.


Allowable topics:

1. It is OK to post (fact-based) criticisms of elected officials, high-profile district administrators, and city department heads, as long as they are not currently running for office. It is safer and more polite to refrain from mentioning teachers, principals and lower-level administrators by name, unless you want to say something nice about them.

2. PPS-SF’s tax-exempt status does allow us to support propositions and initiatives, but that is all that is allowed to happen through PPS-SF.

3. Comments can post about public school-related events and fundraisers, community events, and events related to parenting and issues in San Francisco.


Non-allowable topics:

1. PPS-SF is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means it cannot endorse candidates, subliminally or otherwise. The PPS-SF website and materials legally cannot be used to discuss campaigns of individual candidates.

2. PPS-SF is not allowed to discuss the pros and cons of candidates or their positions on this website or in any of our materials or programs.