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For more than 12 years, Parents for Public Schools – San Francisco has been assisting families and working to ensure quality public schools for all children in our city. We help parents at each stage of the journey, from introducing them to the enrollment lottery process, to developing parent leaders in the schools and at the district, to improving systems at SFUSD and much more.

We provide essential support to all families in every community across our city, and we work to ensure that the full range of parent voices is part of policy-making at the District and Board of Education. Read more >


What is Happening Now

Preliminary Findings released for what families want to see in their schools

The passage of Local Conrtrol Funding Formula (LCFF), the state’s new mechanism for funding its public schools, is ushering in a new accountability plan to monitor spending from district to district. Namely, the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), requires community input to determine how district funds will be spent and how efficacy will be measured. For more details on the new funding model and the new accountability tool, visit our Budget Policy page.

This spring, PPS-SF; fellow community based organizations; and SFUSD’s Parent Advisory Committee, Office of Family and Community Engagement, and District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) engaged in over 25 community input sessions to gather family input about the services and conditions of their schools. More than 300 parents, guardians, and community members throughout San Francisco participated in the input sessions. One such session was facilitated in conjunction with PPS-SF’s Annual Meeting in April where a strong turnout of both parents and district staff actively engaged in learning and listening to one another.

Preliminary findings of the sessions can be found in English (pdf), Spanish (pdf), and Chinese (pdf). As SFUSD staff works to create its LCAP template, these findings were shared with the district on April 22, 2014, with the intention of influencing its design.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is a significant academic and social step for both parents and their children. Parents for Public Schools – San Francisco will share parent-to-parent advice and tips with families to ease this transition. Topics discussed in this workshop include what to expect from your child and the school, parent responsibilities and involvement, and practical tips that experienced parents wished others had shared with them.
These workshops are available in English, Spanish and Chinese. See our Events page for a list of upcoming workshops.


Parent for Public Schools - San Francisco Supports Tax on Sugary Beverages.

Funds to support recreation and nutrition programs in schools and the broader community.

The Board of Directors of Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco (PPS-SF) unanimously voted in favor of supporting a two cent per ounce tax on sugary beverages sold in San Francisco. Read more >

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School Assignment

Round 2 Assignment letters were mailed on May 9th, 2014. Please see our Enrollment page for information about Round 3 and beyond. See our Enrollment Timeline page for an overview of the enrollment timeline.

What Every Toddler Parent Should Know – a primer about San Francisco Public Schools

Do you want to know what’s really happening in our city’s public schools? Parents for Public Schools – San Francisco (PPS-SF) has created this *NEW* workshop to provide parents with objective facts about our city’s public schools.

Through this workshop, PPS-SF staff will dispel myths about what you may have heard about our City’s schools and demystify the student assignment process. Topics include:

Our first workshop sold out! Register for the July 8th event today, and stay tuned for updates on future workshop dates. See our Events page for a list of upcoming workshops.


Tips from Parents

A Miraloma Elementary parent used Doodle.com to create a poll so that 5th grade parents could share their child's middle school placement. It is a great way to see how many kids got into each school, how the feeder was implemented, etc. Parents could leave comments on how their school placement ranked among their choice, or if they applied to a charter school what school would they choose. It also helped cut down on emails on the school listserve.

Read more great ideas and tips happening at other schools.

If your school has a tip to share with other public school parents, let us know and we will feature on our website.


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