Join our "Strong Schools" campaign by December 31

We’re kicking off our “Strong Schools” year-end fundraising campaign. Our goal is to provide an additional 3,000 families with critical enrollment information to San Francisco public schools next year by raising $18,500 before December 31, and we need your help to achieve this goal. Please contribute to the campaign!


This past year, together with your support, we made a significant impact. We…

  • survived our funding crisis because of over 1,000 public school families and supporters like you expressed their support for PPS-SF;

  • provided group and individual support to 2,799 families and shared critical resources and updates to over 11,000 through our newsletter and social media;

  • brought diverse and critical parent voices to SFUSD as they shape and pilot the Middle Grades Redesign;

  • launched our first ever Parent & Family Leadership Program! This program increases our reach into low-income African American, Chinese, and Latinx communities, offering deeper support for families throughout their children’s kindergarten through 12th grade education, preparing them for future success.

Let’s make 2019 our best year yet!

You can make an impact in the lives of SF families, join our “Strong Schools” campaign by donating to our $18,500 goal by December 31.