Upcoming SFUSD Board Meetings

Two meetings this week for the SFUSD Board of Education. Monday the Building, Grounds, and Services Committee will meet. Tuesday is a regular board meeting.

Buildings, Grounds and Services Committee: Monday May 22 @ 6PM in the Board Room

Agenda for the meeting here

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Teacher Housing Update and Report

  • Report on CTE (Career Technical Education) Programs Funded through 2011 Prop A Project Labor Agreement

  • Presentation of the New Proposed Classroom Building and Gymnasium at Claire Lililenthal K-8

There is always an opportunity for public comment on the items discussed at the committee meeting or topics that fall under the purview of this committee. Usually it is not necessary to sign up in advance - speakers will be called to the podium when the chair determines it is time for public comment.

Board of Education Meeting: Tuesday May 23 @ 6PM in the Board Room

Agenda for the meeting here 

Highlight: The board will recognize certain student scholarship recipients, hear community input on the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and vote on a student delegate sponsored resolution tonight.

Student Scholarships Awarded

This meeting is always fun to attend because lots of graduating students will be in attendance to be commended for scholarships and awards from education organizations including:

  • United Administrators of San Francisco

  • Alliance of Black School Educators

  • Latin American Teachers Association

  • The Association of Chinese Teachers

  • Filipino Educators of San Francisco

  • San Francisco Achievers

  • 21st Century Award

  • United Administrators of San Francisco

  • Alliance of Black School Educators

  • Latin American Teachers Association

  • The Association of Chinese Teachers

  • Filipino Educators of San Francisco

  • San Francisco Achievers

Advisory Committees Give Recommendations on LCAP Based on Community Feedback Gathered

The Parent Advisory Council, District English Learners Advisory Committee and African American Parent Advisory Council will present recommendations based on feedback received in more than 30 community conversations.  For more information on these conversations and a summary of recommendations see our blog post on the topic.

Informational Updates

There will be an updates on the status of the Arts Education Master Plan and the Pathways to SFUSD and Careers Internship Program.

Arts Education Master Plan (last year's update)

Pathways to SFUSD and Careers and Internship Program Resolution (passed in 2015)

Vote on Undocumented, Unafraid, and United Students Resolution

  • A resolution co-sponsored by student delegates Zaragoza and Eng and commissioners Haney and Walton called Undocumented, Unafraid, and United Students Resolution. The resolution would require SFUSD to bolster support for the immigrant community, especially students impacted by threats to undocumented residents. The resolution would require in part:

    • Strengthened privacy protections around immigration status and guidelines requiring non-cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) by district and school personnel

    • A central resource/clearinghouse be established or expanded to support undocumented and mixed status families with information and resource referrals and also train staff and answer questions that arise regarding the rights of undocumented students.

    • Each middle school and high school provide a stipend to one staff person to act as the Immigrant and Refugee Liaison.

    • All counselling staff receive training on cultural sensitivity and specific supports for immigrant and undocumented students

    • Bullying intervention programs recognizing the experience of immigrant students and families incorporated into Wellness center programs

    • “Explore processes” to ensure equal access to programs like jobs, internships etc. for undocumented students

Public Comment

There is always an opportunity for public comment at school board meetings. At regular meetings, speakers may speak to any item being voted on or may give general public comment during the time reserved for "Public Comment on General Matters." Speakers must sign up in advance, either by calling the board office at (415) 241-6493 or filling out a speaker card at the meeting and handing it to Esther Casco, the executive assistant to the board who sits next to the podium. Speaker cards must be turned in before the agenda item being spoken to is officially "called." Members of the public are typically be allowed two minutes to speak, but time given may be shorter if there are a large number of speakers.

Recording and Live Coverage of Meetings

You can access recordings of regular and committee meetings.

Video recordings of regular meetings

Audio recordings of committee meetings (click where it says "audio recording," under the meeting agenda)

Recordings are usually posted a few days after the meeting.

Regular board meetings are also broadcast live on KALWSFGOVTV2, and via live webcast. You can also follow PPS-SF's twitter feed, we'll be there on Tuesday night.