All SF Public Elementary Schools Share Certain Common Traits

Are you applying to San Francisco public elementary school? Is your head spinning from all the information you have gathered?

Sometimes it can feel like parents are comparing apples and oranges when doing homework on elementary school options. It may be helpful to know that there are certain programs and traits that all SF public elementary schools share in common. And there are a few things that may vary from school to school. 

All SFUSD elementary schools have:

  • The same common core curriculum standards

  • 200 minutes of PE every 2 weeks

  • The same breakfast/lunch menu

  • Funding for a half-time librarian

  • Music starting in 4th grade

  • The same math and English language arts textbooks and curriculum

  • Maximum class size of 22 students in K-3; maximum class size of 33 students for 4-5

  • Special education inclusion programs

  • Positive discipline policies, such as restorative practices

Schools may have different:

  • Start times and end times

  • After/before care options

  • School size and number of classes per grade

  • Enrichment classes and programs that are funded by donations or grants

  • Special Day Classes

  • Language immersion/enrichment programs

  • Uniforms

  • Parent-led programs and fundraising

For more help on organizing your elementary school search, please read and print out our school tour checklist. 

PPS-SF School Tour Checklist