Middle School:
Phase 2


Now that you have learned about your middle school options, it is time to turn in the application.


Families must turn in an enrollment application.
SFUSD elementary school students are not automatically enrolled at their feeder middle schools. You must turn in an application. Currently enrolled SFUSD students will receive an application in the mail in November.

Parents or guardians turn in applications in person at your current SFUSD school or at the Educational Placement Center (EPC). You do not need to bring proofs of residence unless you have moved or you lose the application. If you lose the form that is mailed to your house, you can pick up another at the EPC.

SFUSD Educational Placement Center

SFUSD Application Forms

SFUSD Proofs of Residence


Meet the deadline.
The most important thing that you can do to help your child enroll at the middle school of your choice is turn in your SFUSD application on or before the deadline. Families who miss the deadline are placed in the second round of enrollment applications.


List many schools on your application.
Students are not automatically enrolled at their middle school feeders. It must be listed on the application if it is one of your choices. Be sure to list as many choices as you can. 


Put the schools in the order that you like best.
Put your top choice in the number one spot and work your way down from there. If your feeder school is not your top choice, then you can put it lower on your list.