Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Is your child headed into SFUSD kindergarten? Our PPS-SF team of experts has assembled this list that will help prepare your child and your family for a smooth transition.


  • Read to your child at least 10 or 15 minutes a day.

  • Make math a part of your daily activities. Count and measure things for fun.

  • Confirm your before or after school care.

  • Label everything! Coats, lunchboxes, backpacks, etc.

  • Adjust your child’s bedtime and wake up time a few days before school starts.

  • Make sure your child can open his or her lunchbox and containers on their own.

  • Sign up for the free Kindergarten to College savings program at

  • Make sure you have your SFUSD health form ready to turn into your school office.

  • Fill out your free and reduced lunch form online, even if you are not qualified or choose not to participate in the program. You can also pay ahead for your child’s school lunches.

  • Back-to-school night usually takes place during the third week of school. Mark your calendar as soon as your school tells you the date.

  • Look for easy ways to get involved at the school. Attend parent meetings. Volunteer for small, one-time jobs that don't require a lot of stress, such as chaperoning field trips or working at a special event at the school.

  • Take it easy for the first week or two. Your little one may be tired and need some extra downtime.

  • Have fun and take lots of pictures.


Good luck to everyone as you start your new journey into kindergarten!