SFUSD Spring Transfer Process

We are always happy to hear from many SFUSD families that their students have had a great start to the school year. Even so, we recognize that some families feel like their school assignment is not the best fit. The district is currently in the No Transfer Period for the rest of the semester. The next opportunity to change schools within the SFUSD is through the Spring Transfer Process.


You can request a transfer to one SFUSD school for a student who is currently enrolled in another SFUSD school. Submit the application form at the Educational Placement Center (EPC) at 655 De Haro Street by the SFUSD mid-November deadline. The parent who applies must show photo ID when submitting the application.

This is the one case in which we recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible rather than at any time before the deadline. Once a transfer request for a school is received, an opening in that school will be held for the transfer and not made available to students who are new to the SFUSD. Since tie-breakers are used to assign the transfer seats (as they are in every assignment round), your early application is not a guarantee that your child will receive the assignment. But it does increase the likelihood somewhat as it increases the number of held openings and holds them sooner.

If at any point you change your mind and decide that you would like your child to stay in the current school after all, don’t forget to notify the EPC immediately. You can either visit the EPC in person or send an email (including your child’s name, birthdate, grade, and present school) to EnrollinSchool@sfusd.edu to cancel your transfer request.


Notifications for spring transfers will be mailed in early December, and students who receive an assignment at their requested school will begin attending the new school at the start of the spring semester. There will be no chance to reject the transfer or to return to the fall semester school. Students who are unable to receive an assignment to their requested school will stay at their current school.

Next Steps

After the Spring Transfer Process, there are no further transfers for the rest of the school year. Applications for the next school year are due mid-January.